A made to measure Scott&Crabb shirt gives a feeling of authenticity and uniqueness. As everybody is unique, an off-the-rack shirt will never offer the fit and comfort from a custom made shirt. Scott&Crabb shirts are produced, following Italian sartorialist tradition, to fit a customer’s own size profile.

The comfort feeling is Scott&Crabb’s top priority: the made to measure shirt needs to be perfectly cutted and fitted. A perfect fit request a perfect fabric. Scott&Crabb fabrics are selected for their Italian quality, comfort, sustainability, eco-footprint and design.

Scott&Crabb is proud of the experience of an Italian first-class shirt factory with a rooted tradition: at the same time, we aim to an up-to-date but fine style.

Scott&Crabb shirt has a chic and well-finished personality without being dully formal or ostensibly fashionable: slim wearability but not heightened, very spread and soft collars but with structure, precious fabrics comfortable to wear. Scott&Crabb shirts work both if they’re worn elegantly inside the trousers of a suit or in combination with a jacket and if it is used outside of jeans with a more free and relaxed spirit.

Scott&Crabb is located in Italy, Castellana Grotte (BA), Via Roma 10.